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Monday, July 28, 2008

"SoulCollaging" with Dr. Mary Mallory - Part 1

Grab your scissors, glue stick and all the magazines you can find...
Dr. Mary Mallory, Professor at Chapman Unniversity, can show you how to connect with your soul by using a method created by Seena Frost called "SoulCollaging". Dr. Mallory claims, by connecting intuition to creative self, we reveal our own uniqueness through pictures we choose to tell the story about who we are... our dreams and goals... our emotions... our we relate to others- "community". Mary can help give insight to the process in which healing and transformation takes place. Whether you choose to do SoulCollaging in a group setting, or by yourself...let the fun begin! Dr. Mary Mallory offers workshops on-line and "Walk About Retreats" at Weston House. (below) Contact Dr. Mary Mallory at:: 530-474-3738 -or
Watch Paranormal Connection on Comcast - channel 17 - Or on the web: >watch 17< (PST) 1st and 3rd Monday - 9pm, Tues - 1pm, Weds. - 5am

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