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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dr. Les Aria heals from the heart...

"When we heal the heart, we can then heal the body..."

Join us November 17th at 9pm (PST) for a discussion on how to heal from the inside out with Dr. Les Aria. Trained in Clinical Health Psychology, Neuropsychology and Behavioral Medicine Dr. AriaI also specializes in biofeedback and medical hypnosis.

Watch Paranormal Connection on Comcast - channel 17 - Or on the web: >watch 17< (PST) 1st and 3rd Monday - 9pm, Tues - 1pm, Weds. - 5am

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Coming up next: Michael Bayard is back with his "Good Vibrations"... and he is bringing special guest, vocalist Ann Sabra-Roach. Why does music affect our soul? Tune in Dec. 1st at 9pm

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