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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Got Ghosts? Experiencing the Unexplainable?

Don't miss Part 2 of our series with Michelle Barbaria and Brad Smith from API (American Paranormal Investigations). Starting March 16th at 9pm (PST), "Senior" Investigators, Michelle and Brad, will be giving us a step by step account of what happens on a paranormal investigation... Debunking, collecting evidence... what it's like be a "sensitive" on the scene. Also, find out what these "ghost busters" do from 9-5!
API is a non-profit organization dedicated to documenting, verifying, debunking and educating families throughout the Sacramento Valley about spirit, ghost and other paranormal activities. In Part 1, API founders Dave and Ann Bender, shared photos from their investigations. Dave's profession? Social Work, Ann's is Healthcare! The API team brings their expertise in paranormal activity, and their caretaking skills to your table!
Watch Paranormal Connection in the Sacramento area on Comcast - Channel 17 - Anywhere else - Watch on the web at:
click on WATCH 17 -Here's a hint - Log on early! The web stream only holds 2000 viewers - if you are unable get on line, call : Access Sacramento - 916-456-8600 - Let them know you want to watch "Paranormal Connection"
For more information about API go to:
Join us on April 6th - "Aura Photography" with Sandy DuVeau and on April 20th- Joyce Mason with be talking about "Dreams".

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