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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Paranormal Connection at the Movies

What is our fascination with the paranormal genre? Join us June 15th at 9pm for our interview with the President of Starboard Studios, Producer/Director, Gary Nyland, as he shares his latest work, "Zombies...A Love Story, and "Something Real." You won't want to miss interesting tidbits about "Zombies," hear about synchronistic moments in film making and why so many people are dying to act in a Zombie film!
For More info: Starboard Studios LLC
Gary Nyland
Watch Paranormal Connection in the Sacramento area on Comcast - Channel 17 Anywhere else - Watch on the web at: click on WATCH 17 -Here's a hint - Log on early! The web stream only holds 2000 viewers - if you are unable get on line, call : Access Sacramento - 916-456-8600 - Let them know you want to watch "Paranormal Connection" Encore viewing Tuesday 1pm (PST) & Wednesday 5am (PST)

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