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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Emotional Freedom Technique with Deja Kjoller

On July 20, 2009 at 9pm (PST), Deja Kjoller returns on Paranormal Connection to discuss "Emotional Freedom Technique". Imagine, being able to overcome insecurities, phobia's...reprogramming your thoughts to become more successful, comfortable in your own skin! Deja Kjoller demonstrates the benefits of "Emotional Freedom Technique", and talks about how in just a few minutes, you can literally "change your mind"! Imagine downloading software into your computer to enable you to get a job done in an easier fashion. Now imagine doing the same thing to your internal computer...your brain! It's that easy. Join us, try it for yourself! Contact Deja Kjoller CMT: 916-452-7456 or

Watch Paranormal Connection in the Sacramento area on Comcast - Channel 17 OR - Watch online at: click on WATCH 17 -Here's a hint - Log on early! The web stream only holds 2000 viewers - if you are unable get on line, call : Access Sacramento - 916-456-8600 - Let them know you want to watch "Paranormal Connection" Encore viewing Tuesday 1pm (PST) & Wednesday 5am (PST)

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