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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michael Bayard Presents...

Join us on Paranormal Connection for an extraordinary experience as we bring Michael Bayard's "Drumming Cirlce" LIVE to your living room. Michael is a Master Percussianist, who has devoted his time to the healing aspect of music and sound. Hear the haunting voice of Eva Caperon, and Grammy Award winner Mary Youngblood perform at Christ Unity Church in a two-part series you won't want to miss!
Watch Paranormal Connection on Comcast Ch. 17 in the Sacramento region or check us out online at the same show times!
Go to: - click on >watch 17<
Encore episodes air Tues. 1pm - Wed. 5am
Contact: Michael Bayard, Owner and Artistic Director: Rhythm Magic! Phone: 916-683-2575 Rhythm Magic Web Site:

Bayard Museum Web Site (Phase I):

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