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Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Intuitive" Todd Grosby

Starting on Monday, February 1, 2010 - 9pm (PST) - "Intuitive" Todd Grosby talks about reading a person's emotional energy and "Lucid Dreams". With over thirty years of study in various spiritual modalities-"Biofeedback", "Transcendental Meditation", Brainwave Entrainment", "Buddhist Meditation", and many more... Todd has developed his own technique to provide clients with tools for personal growth and development. Join us for a fascinating, thought provoking episode! Todd will be giving information on his upcoming workshop. Don't miss it!
Encore viewing Tuesday 1pm (PST) & Wednesday 5am (PST)

Contact Todd Grosby:

Phone: 916-215-1066



Todd Grosby Readings:

Planet Earth Rising - Folsom, Ca. 625 Sutter Street Folsom, CA 95630 -(916) 355-8844

Moonshadows - 4131 South Shingle Road-Shingle Springs, CA 95682 -(530) 672-0868 -

DON'T MISS!!! TODD GROSBY Workshop: Planet Earth Rising- Folsom Ca. on 2/27/10 from 1pm-3pm -

Watch Paranormal Connection in the Sacramento area on Comcast - Channel 17 NOT IN SACRAMENTO? Watch on the web at: click on WATCH 17 -Here's a hint - Log on early! The web stream only holds 2000 viewers - if you are unable get on line, call : Access Sacramento - 916-456-8600 - Let them know you want to watch "Paranormal Connection"

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