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Monday, January 17, 2011

Is your pain all in your HEAD?

Join PARANORMAL CONNECTION Monday, January 17th at 9pm PST for Part 1 of this innovative interview with two "Hanna Somatics" Practitioners. Janet Hoagland (Roseville) and Susan Koenig (Berkley) have studied and taught Dr. Thomas Hanna's brilliant work for over 20 years. Dr. Hanna's philosophy-the body can stay flexible even in elder years, providing the signal from your brain to your muscles are in working condition.

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Had all the tests, surgery, physical therapy, all with no reprieve? Perhaps its all in your head!! Meaning, the signal between brain and muscle group could be in an amnesiac state, causing the muscle to stay contracted, and sore.

You must hear what Janet has been through in order to appreciate the magnitude of Dr. Hanna's simple resolution. Susan, an expert/instructor of our neurological systems explains how "Hanna Somatics" can work for you!! DON'T MISS THIS 2 PART SERIES!! This process can allow the elderly to stay in their homes safely, can reverse sports injuries, car accident damage, change your way of life!! Is your brain disconnected from your movement? Listen to find out!

Watch an example of Dr. Thomas Hanna's work on youtube:

Contact Certified Practitioner Janet Hoagland - 916-788-1388

Repeat Episodes of this show air: 1/18 at 1pm PST and 1/19 at 5am PST

WATCH PARANORMAL CONNECTION online: Click on Watch 17.


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