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Monday, February 21, 2011

Author Sandra Staves Joins PARANORMAL CONNECTION!

Sandra Staves, author of "Ghost Rescues: Working with Angels and Ghosts", joins PARANORMAL CONNECTION on Monday, Feb. 21, at 9pm (PST). Sandra talks about how she came to be a "ghost rescuer" and how she conducts her interventions. Her methods are unique! You do not want to miss this episode! Sandra has worked for the last eight years removing ghosts from residents countrywide. Sandra has devoted her life studying the nature of energy, and how we can sometimes become trapped during "transition". Have you ever experienced a "haunting"? You don't want to miss this episode!!

Contact Sandra Staves: 209-640-4769

Watch encore performance of this episode on 2/22 at 1pm (PST) 2/23 at 5am (PST)

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