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Monday, April 4, 2011

Haunted Theaters?

Ray Tatar, host of "LiveWire", producer/director/ owner of California Stages and Actress/Poet Bonnie Antonini join Paranormal Connection to talk about ghosts! While onset, during the play "The Mystery Spot" written by Steve Lyons, a comedy about a Santa Cruz student/wanna-be ladies man who gets a job at the Mystery Spot and meets the ghost of a poet Sylvia Plath who killed herself in 1963...the cast and crew encounter a ghost of their own! Join us on April 4th at 9pm PST to hear all about it! Plus Ray shares more ghost sightings at local theaters in the Sacramento area!

Only one more week of perfomances!!
For ticket information to "Mystery Spot" play:

This episode repeats on 4/5 at 1pm PST and 4/6 at 5am PST

Watch online at: - click "Watch 17"

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William Bergen said...

Danna: when I clicked the link to see the Mystery Spot segment, in did not work. I found that the link had a typo with an inserted "f" spelling accesssacframento rather than accesssacramento. You might correct this so others can link through to watch. Regards, William

Dänna said...

Thank you for pointing out the mistake in the link. I have corrected the address for the future. Sorry you missed the episode, I hope you'll tune in again!