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Monday, November 23, 2009

Experience Michael Bayard's Healing Drum Circle LIVE November 25, 2009!

Unity's Drumming and Music Medicine Circle continues its Ancient Future Series!

Drumming at Stonehenge: Facilitated by Master Percussionist and Sound Healer Michael Bayard
Music Healing from Medieval Celtic Times
This Wednesday, November 25th at 7:00pm (The Night Before Thanksgiving)
Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Place: Christ Unity Church -9249 Folsom Blvd. (at La Riviera Drive) Sacramento, CA
Info: 916-683-2575
$15 Suggested Offering per person
Featuring: Mary Youngblood on Vocals and Celtic Flutes
Special appearances: Matthew Grasso on Gregorian-Inspired Chant and Guitars.
The Unforgettable Vocals of "EVA."

Erin Krasovich - Root Chakra Didgeridoo tuned in B Minor
Jerry Wood - Conch Shell
Don't Miss: Nola Brech's original 3-Dimensional "Mini-Stonehenge" sculpture!
Join us as we continue the "Ancient Future" Series. This series will continue to take us on mysterious journeys of indescribable beauty and healing, as we step into the "Sacred Pyramid Time Machine™" and are transported to exotic worlds and lost civilizations of the past, and to cosmic spheres of the future.
You Will Experience:
Drumming to balance and activate the chakra system
Theta wave meditation and remote viewing of Stonehenge
The "Sacred Pyramid Time Machine" - An original and bold sculpture creation by our team of artists.
The immortal and absorbing sounds of 13th century Celtic mysticism and all the mystery and majesty of this legendary time.

Magnificent surround-sound live audio experience by Steve Walker - Point Source Sound
Soul-stirring vocals and instrumental music - that is timeless, mysterious and empowering - Cedar Flutes, Vibraphones, gongs, gamelan.
Group Synchronized Harmonic Chanting
Optional: Bring a drum, hand percussion instrument, or "home-made" instrument to this event. If you do not have one, some percussion instruments will be available for you to use. Or just come as you are, and immerse yourself in the restorative vibration.
Additional Support: Lori Templeman: Visual Effects Steve Schoenfelder : Medieval Celtic Druid Channeling Schoenfelder Construction: Concepts, design and construction of the "Sacred Pyramid Time Machine" Chris Smith: Graphic design Support

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