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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Are You Sensitive to Your Medications?

Have you ever had a reaction to a prescription drug? Find pills hard to swallow? Have so many pills to take, it seems like a part time job? Do some pills upset your stomach? Make you feel "funny"? Did you know... that binding agents used in prescription drugs can cause problems? Many people have allergic reactions to what the pill is made from, and not the active ingredients. Did you know you can have your medications compounded into a formula compatible with your system? On July 4th - 9pm PST, Dr. Mousad Rashidi, owner of the Innovative Compound Pharmacy joins PARANORMAL CONNECTION to discuss how medications can be combined to reduce the number of pills you are taking, how the active ingredients can be formulated into a topical application, bypassing the digestive system, thus reducing the risk of nausea. ICP can make medications into lollipops for those who have trouble swallowing and Dr. Rashidi caters to children's needs, as well as your pets! Imagine, no more fighting to get a pill down your child or cat's throat! Dr. Rashidi also specializes in bio-identical hormones! Whatever your needs, Dr. Rashidi and his staff are there to help you on your road to recovery and will make your journey a safe one. Taking a more holistic approach to your well being is what Innovative Compound Pharmacy is all about! Don't miss this enlightening conversation!

ICP Innovative Compound Pharmacy
820 Whales Dr. #3
Folsom, Ca. 95630
Repeats of this episode air 7/5 at 1pm PST and 7/6 at 5am PST
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