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Monday, June 20, 2011

Were Humans created by "god' as Slaves?

PART 1 and 2 - Michael Moore meets Dan Brown in our discussion with Michael Tellinger on Paranormal Connection, June 20 at 9pm PST (Part 2 9:30 pm). Scientist, Explorer and Author, Michael Tellinger enlightens us on questions like, "who are we?" and "how did we get here?". He talks about mans obsession with "gold", and links Bible myths to prehistoric writings in the original Sumarian clay tablets. In this 2 part series, Michael will blow your mind with discoveries that validate our existence, why we were truly put on this earth, and where we go from here...

Curious about 2012? Michael discusses another calendar that may hold new discoveries!

This is one discussion you DO NOT want to miss!! Michael Tellinger is on tour in the United States until July 18th. Go to his website for more information. Contact Michael:

Look for Slave Species of god" and "TEMPLES of the AFRICAN GODS" at your local bookstore or

Encores of this TWO PART series will air: 6/21 from 1-2 pm PST and 6/22 from 5-6am PST

Watch online: - click on "Watch 17"

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